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Help for Anxiety, Stress, Low moods, Bad performance in Oxfordshire

Clinical Hypnotherapy | Oxford, Abingdon, Cirencester & Swindon

Relaxing space in Abingdon

January and February are times when we lack motivation, we need just a little something to boost that mood. Solution Focused hypnotherapy can unblock those blues and send your mind off on holiday - FREE relaxation CD available.

Please take your time to browse my site so you can decide whether Solution Focused therapy is right for you.

This site is designed to help those who have never experienced the benefits of hypnotherapy by explaining a bit about how the brain works, by reading case studies of similar problems and by taking some time in getting to know me - Penny.

If you do make the decision to come for a consultation then one of the questions I ask is to define your goal for therapy, and what that would be like for you.

Solution focused Hypnotherapy is unlike counselling or CBT, we don't go over and over the problem trying to find out why, instead we help you look at your strengths and resources and help you resolve those issues which are causing emotional and/or physical distress.Trance and visualisation then help the person to relax and imagine the perfect outcome, whilst subtly changing their thoughts and behaviours.

What can the Solution focused way of working do for you?

  • It can help lower anxiety, and make you feel more in control.
  • You will receive FREE RELAXATION CD, and access to other free downloads to help you sleep better and help visualise what you want.
  • Provide you with a range of tools to work with, to help you to stay focused, and change the negative thoughts into positive actions.
  • Provide a week by week assessment of how you are doing, so you know the therapy is working and where more focus is needed.
  • Help couples work towards a positive outcome, without blame, building trust, seeing the strengths in each others differences.
  • Solution Focused is an excellent way of working with, rather than fighting, emergent change in people and organisations.

Contact Me

Out of hours please email me at solutionshypno{AT} or txt Hypno to 07508 658934.

So if you're in Oxford, Abingdon, Cirencester or near Swindon and feel hypnotherapy can help you, please contact me on 07508 658934 to either arrange a free telephone call, or a face to face consultation where we can discuss the issue in greater depth. Many people start to feel better the moment they make the decision to change their lives, with listening to the free CD, many people are already feeling the problem is starting to improve by the first session.

Check out the Outcomes pages which allows clients to see how different people in different circumstances respond.

I am a registered member of the CNHC, the NCH and the AfSFH and adhere to the ethical framework for best practice.

I am experienced in helping clients facing difficulties with:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Redundancy
  • Bereavement
  • Relationship issues such as jealousy, anger and trust
  • Confidence issues
  • Sports performance
  • Mild phobias
  • Driving confidence
  • Career/work confidence
  • Exam stress
  • Sexual problems and intimacy
  • Low moods and lack of motivation
  • Low self esteem.

Best regards
Penny Ling Hypnotherapy Signature

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