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Hypnotherapy in Abingdon, Oxford, Cirencester and Faringdon

Clinical Hypnotherapy | Oxford, Abingdon, Cirencester & Swindon

Therapy Room at the Complimentary Healthcare Practice Abingdon

Life can prove to be extremely stressful at times, and we’re not always aware of stress effecting our body as well as our mind. You may have feelings of anxiety, or a low mood.

It maybe you have a phobia which is stopping you living a normal life.

Perhaps you are struggling with your weight, or realise you may have an addiction to sugar or alcohol, or want to stop smoking.

Or maybe you feel lacking in confidence in your relationships, or suffer from jealousy, or have problems with conceiving, either stress affecting the fertility or erectile dysfunction.

The good news is that SF hypnotherapy can help with these and many other conditions.

Solution focused work can help you achieve your goals and help you recognise your skills and resources. Using this way of working, you can learn to be your own coach and therapist. If we bring hypnotherapy into the equation then you have an excellent way of helping the part of your brain that deals with solutions to take control, using visualisation you can help your mind prepare for future events.

Using these skills helps you take control of anxiety related problems such as OCD, IBS, panic attacks, helps with stress management and sports performance.

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07508 658934 to either arrange a free telephone consultation, or a face to face consultation where we can discuss the issue in greater depth. Many people start to feel better the moment they make the decision to change their lives, and after a face to face consultation and listening to the free CD, by the first session many people are already feeling the problem is starting to improve.

Check out the Outcomes pages which allows clients to see how different people in different circumstances respond.

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Gymnast wins silver medal

Clinical Hypnotherapy | Oxford, Abingdon, Cirencester & Swindon

Back in March I saw a lovely gymnast who had problems going over backwards on the high beam, the latest report is that she won silver in a local event - well done!

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way of lowering anxiety, and visualising what you need to do to start building the correct neural pathways.

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